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Main Edition and Artist Proofs:

5 layer Screenprint on Somerset Tub Sized Radiant White Satin 410gsm, with deckled edges.

Hand-signed and numbered by Teresa French on behalf of Tom French.

Edition of 80 and 10 Artist Proofs.

90 cm x 90 cm.


Large Format:

5 layer Screenprint on Somerset Tub Sized Radiant White Satin 410gsm, with deckled edges.

Hand-signed and numbered by Teresa French on behalf of Tom French.

Edition of 20.

146 cm x 146 cm.


About Tom French


Tom French’s work combines detailed photo-realism with elements of abstraction and surrealism. Tom’s paintings are a visual discourse on Dualism - a philosophical theory that claims the mind and body are disparate entities. These portraits have an illusory nature, they play with our perception, shifting before the eye. They ask the viewer to switch between detail and the whole, all the while exploring the complexity of the human mind and its subconscious. Since Transcend, Tom’s post-humous exhibition at Unit London in early 2020, limited edition releases have been produced from the artist’s estate, at the family’s request.


Release Information


 - Main Edition: £800 (ex. VAT)/ £960 (inc. VAT)

 - Artist Proofs: £1,200 (ex. VAT)/ £1,440 (inc. VAT)

 - Large Format Edition: £2,000 (ex. VAT)/ £2,400 (inc. VAT)

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Caring for your Print

Here are a few tips on how to best take care of your new print!

Our prints are carefully wrapped and sent to you in packing tubes to avoid damage during transport. However, once you receive your print, remove it from the tube as soon as you can and store the piece flat. This can be in a portfolio, flat packed between some cardboard or plywood, or framed. Please do not leave your print rolled for too long as this will damage the fibers in the paper and deform the print over time.

Keep away from direct sunlight! If exposed to sun for long expenses of time you will notice the colours in your print begin to fade. Try and place the work in a shady spot or get you work framed using Art Glass which will reduce the risk of discolouring.

Avoid placing your print in humid conditions - you will find that your print may begin to warp if exposed to humid or varying temperatures. Controlling the environment in which print is displayed can easily be achieved by getting the work framed (which will offer a level of protection) or being smart about the location of the work in your home (such as not placing your print in a humid bathroom)